Brighter Days Ahead

Well folks, if you’ve followed this blog since the beginning of the trip, then you know that we’ve spent several days in Istanbul, days that we’d rather have spent touring. Our tours since our arrival, have been hospital oriented; tours of the bathroom, and an occasional stroll around the room. I know there is scenery to see our there, from our window, I’ve spotted a high tiled wall, (directly behind us) that counts as scenery, and then, if I stand in just the right spot, I can see the tops of a couple of skyscrapers.

Sharon, ready to go for a walk, with two of her nurses

Sharon, ready to go for a walk, with two of her nurses

So, should we meet after we return to Colorado, (should there be anything left after the flood) I wouldn’t whip out the pictures, and show you shots of the Blue Mosque, or St. Sophias’s, for all I have to show of Istanbul are a few photos of some of the wonderful health care workers here in the hospital, and a snippet or two of video taken out of the window. But I hope to augment that when we’re taken to the airport. I’m thinking I could take the occasional drive by shot of various notable sights, a McDonalds, or Burger King or possibly a glimpse of a city park.

Serdar, our aide, Dr. Alp, and Yanitsa, the hospital's International Patient liason

Serdar, our aide, Dr. Alp, and Yanitsa, the hospital’s International Patient liason

A few of the nurses understand a little English, but most just smile, and try to make us understand with a combination of Turkish and sign language. My Turkish isn’t, and my sign language is more slanted to Tonto’s. But let me say this; almost without exception, the staff is kind, helpful, and cheerful. Sharon’s recovery over the past couple of days has been very good. The care she’s received is world class, and everything seems on track for us to leave on Monday.

If I ever were to make another trip to Istanbul, I would probably pass on the usual tourist stops, and visit the hospital. Who knows, maybe they‘ll have a vacancy.

Well, maybe not.

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3 Responses to Brighter Days Ahead

  1. Jim & Kay says:

    Just got caught up on your blogs. All is well in Loveland, as is hoped in Istanbul. We are anxious to see you both and pray for continued recovery and return home. Hugs for Sharon!

  2. Michele harris says:

    Mom looks great!!! Keep up the good fight, we will see you soon!
    I love you so very much!

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