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Well friends, we are home once again. The next reference to Turkey I’ll make, will be along about the third Thursday in November, and this time, it will be me vs. the turkey, not the other way around.

That's me, right there in the front row.

That’s me, right there in the front row.

One of the wonders of travel insurance, is (or could be) the Medical Extraction provision, for that wonderful component meant that: (in our case) a doctor was flown to Istanbul from Fort Worth, Texas, to escort Sharon and I back home. He met with us the day before our departure, and in so many words, said: “You don’t have to worry about anything, I’ll take it from here.” The first thing he told us was to be ready to leave the next morning at 8:45 AM, because “there will be a limousine here, ready to take us to the airport.”

It was there, and as soon as we reached the airport, Dr. Richard Linsky, (a very fit, and young physician) took charge of all the leg work—located a wheel chair for Sharon, then expedited our traverse through Turkey’s immigration and customs process, then escorted us into the Business Class Lounge, where we cooled our heels awaiting the call for our 1:30 PM flight to Chicago, where we would make a connecting flight to Denver.

The cardiologist in Istanbul requested Business Class for Sharon, so she would have the ability to lie down and sleep during the 13 hour flight to Chicago. As we settled into our little compartments, Richard arranged for oxygen to be provided to her continuously once we reached our cruising altitude.

Yes, I know, it is pretty plush.

Yes, I know, it is pretty plush.

The flight proved to be pleasant enough, we relished a little pampering, and actually enjoyed “airplane food”.

When we arrived in Chicago, our daughter, Carrie, who works for United Airlines, had arranged for one of the airline’s customer service reps to meet us at the Jetway, and assist us through U.S. Customs, (where we discovered we had a suitcase missing) and escort us to the gate where we would board our flight to Denver. As luck would have it, we were delayed two hours by a thunderstorm around Chicago, and didn’t arrive in Denver until nearly 11:00 PM. Richard once again, stepped up, and helped us iron out the difficulty with the missing bag. (It was delivered at our door the next day.)

“We’ve got a limo at the passenger pick-up area waiting to take us to your home.” Said Richard, and when we stepped from the terminal, there was a limo and driver, ready to deliver us to our doorstep, and an hour later, there we were, patient, luggage and yours truly, back in paradise. A quick check-up of Sharon by Richard, a review of her medications, and our medical knight in shining armor, was on his way to a hotel for a little rest.

We are now pretty much settled into our routine, Sharon has seen her cardiologist here, has been pronounced well enough to return to our gym routine next week.

During those days in Turkey, we’ve had a few “Angels without wings”, who truly made our “trip of a lifetime’—a trip of a lifetime.

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5 Responses to We Home

  1. Janet Aaron says:

    So glad to see this updated post and that you are both home, safe and sound. What a trip! I imagine you are both exhausted, but relieved to be home.

    I guess we won't be hearing about your "next cruise" — maybe just keep it to a drive through old town Fort Collins — you know, cruising through with all the teenagers!

    Glad you both made it home safely — it actually sounded like a fun trip home!

    • Mike Foley says:

      Hi Janet, thanks for the kind words. Things have returned to normal, and Sharon continues to improve…that is good news. I imagine the blog will now re-assume a more normal tone. Mike

  2. roguespeare says:

    Good to see you and Sharon walking the "hood". Your Thanksgiving will truly be a thanksgiving. Gobble, Gobble!

  3. Valerie McCullough says:

    Hi Mike and Sharon,

    So glad to hear that you arrived home safely and in good health. A good reminder for all of us to take out travel insurance.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    My best,
    Val McCullough

    • Mike Foley says:

      Thanks Val,

      The good news is that Sharon continues to improve, our trip was cut short, but for good reason. Mike

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